Engagement Rings: Brands You Should Know

Biris Jewelers of Canton, Ohio knows diamonds engagement rings and the name brands you love and trust.

Gottlieb & Sons Engagement Rings

Gottlieb & Sons Engagement Ring
Photo Credit: Gottlieb & Sons

Established in 1949 Gottlieb & Sons has grown to be an international leader in jewelry design and craftsmanship . Gottlieb & Sons diamond engagement rings are distinctively brilliant and filled with sophistication. They pull out all the stops on their quality fine diamond engagement rings.

Verragio Engagement Rings

Verragio Engagement Ring
Photo Credit: Verragio

World-renowned Verragio gives the “Ultimate Symbol of Commitment” with their beautifully detailed and high quality engagement rings.  Verragio diamond engagement rings are designed to draw your focus on the center diamond by creating enhancements in the ring’s design that allow for more light to enter the diamond. Verragio offers men and women wedding bands that offer the style and statement you are looking for.

Simon G

Simon G Engagement Rings
Photo Credit: Simon G

Why buy a Simon G diamond engagement ring? When choosing a diamond engagement ring, quality should be your focal point and Simon G delivers above and beyond from the competition.  Innovative designs, attention to even the smallest of details, and prestigious awards are just some of the reasons you will never go wrong in choosing a Simon G engagement ring for your future bride.

Are you looking for a diamond engagement ring that will give you the resounding “YES!”?

Then look no further than the diamond experts at Biris Jewelers in Canton, Ohio for all your diamond engagement and wedding band needs.

Canton’s Jewelry Experts

Biris Jewelers has been Canton’s premier jewelry store since 1964. Their friendly staff have built a reputation for personal service and are always ready to offer their expertise on finding you the right wedding band and engagement jewelry.

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Visit Biris Jewelers near Canal Fulton, Ohio to Purchase Diamond Jewelry and Discuss Famous Diamonds

Canton Local Jewelry StoreWhen you visit a jewelry store near your Akron, Ohio or Uniontown, Ohio home, you’ll undoubtedly be greeted by a pleasant sales associate who will proceed to describe each of their jewelry lines in great detail. But how deep does their knowledge of diamond jewelry go? Are they familiar with famous diamonds, or have they simply been trained on the pieces their store has available? Whether you’re buying a diamond necklace, bracelet, earrings, or ring, you want to be sure that the professional jeweler you visit has a significant amount of knowledge and experience in their field. So, if you want to speak to someone who is well versed in both modern and antique accessories, a trip to Biris Jewelers near Canal Fulton, Ohio is your best bet.

Marquise Diamonds Canton OhioAs a family-owned business that first opened its doors in 1940, it’s no surprise to learn that Biris Jewelers is one of the most popular sellers of diamond jewelry in the greater Canal Fulton area. Each of the associates at this local establishment has been educated on how to identify the time period in which a piece of jewelry was made, as well as grade a gem based on cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Though Biris Jewelers has a number of new and modern accessories available in their shop, they specialize in antique and estate jewelry. With that being said, this professional jeweler is quite capable of carrying on conversations about famous diamonds, like the Hope Diamond, for example.

Local Jewelry Store Edwardian Sapphire NecklaceTake a trip to a regular jewelry store near your Akron or Uniontown home and chances are that the associates there will only have a general idea of what this famous diamond is, and how it came to reside in the Smithsonian. However, when you pay a visit to Biris Jewelers in order to peruse their inventory of diamond necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with their staff about this exceptional gem.

Since the Hope Diamond is one of the most exquisite and well-known gems in the world, many people love to hear about its history. And Biris Jewelers’ staff is more than happy to offer their knowledge on the subject!

Though most people think of the Hope Diamond as it is now, it started off as a much, much larger gem. In 1668, French merchant traveler Jean Baptiste Tavernier sold a 112 3/16-carat diamond in a beautiful violet shade to King Louis XIV of France. After being re-cut in 1673 by a court jeweler, the “French Blue” was reduced to a 67 1/8-carat stone that the king wore on a ribbon around his neck for special occasions. However, when the king and Marie Antoinette tried to flee France in 1791, the crown jewels—including “French Blue”—were turned over to the government. The next year, the gem was stolen.

In 1812, the gem showed up again in the possession of local diamond merchant named Daniel Eliason. Then in 1839, the diamond showed up in the gem collection catalog of Henry Philip Hope, the man from whom the famous diamond takes its name.

Hope Diamond - buy or sell locally

Ask the staff members at Biris Jewelers and they’ll tell you that the Hope Diamond passed from owner to owner until it was purchased by a wealthy American socialite named Mrs. Evalyn Walsh McLean in 1911. It was during her ownership that the Hope Diamond was transformed from a headpiece to a pendant. After being purchased from Mrs. McLean’s estate in 1949 by Harry Winston Inc. of New York City, the Hope Diamond was shown in exhibits throughout the world. Eventually the company donated the diamond necklace to the Smithsonian Institute, where it has only left the museum a handful of times since 1958.

Kurt Wayne Diamond Ring - buy locally in CantonThough they may not have this famous diamond in their possession, Biris Jewelers has a wide selection of dazzling diamond necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings at their jewelry store near Canal Fulton, Ohio. So, if you’d like to learn more about the Hope Diamond, and their own inventory of diamond jewelry, take the trip from your Akron, Ohio or Uniontown, Ohio home to this professional jeweler. You’ll be glad you did!

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Stunning Diamonds at Biris Jewelers near Canton, Ohio

If you’re in the midst of planning your proposal, one of the most important tasks on your list is undoubtedly jewelry shopping. Taking the time to choose the perfect diamond ring for your loved one will not only surprise her, but show her just how much you care.

Diamond Engagement Platinum Ring at Biris Jewelers near Canton Ohio
Diamond Engagement Platinum Ring at Biris Jewelers near Canton Ohio


Unfortunately, the process of selecting the engagement band and gem is not as easy as one would think. There are thousands of different engagement rings for sale around the Alliance, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; and Massillon, Ohio areas, making your mission a frustrating and time-consuming one. Luckily, the engagement ring experts at Biris Jewelers near Canton, Ohio help to make the process much simpler. Not only can you peruse their extensive selection of modern and antique engagement rings, but discover what characteristics to look for in a ring.

Diamond Engagement Rings at Biris Jewelers near Canton Ohio
Diamond Engagement Rings at Biris Jewelers near Canton Ohio

When you initially begin jewelry shopping, it’s important that you keep your partner’s personal style in mind. As many women have started to wear their engagement and wedding rings daily, you’ll want to purchase a ring that complements the rest of your future spouse’s accessories. For instance, if your significant other’s jewelry box contains platinum and white gold pieces, you may not want to get her a yellow gold band. Also, if your loved one tends to wear simple, classic designs, your best bet is to purchase a diamond ring that follows the same theme. Choosing the right style of engagement ring may seem like a daunting task, but the engagement ring experts at Biris Jewelers will be more than happy to walk you through their selection of modern and antique engagement rings so you can find the design that best fits your loved one.

Gold and Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring at Biris Jewelers near Canton Ohio
Gold and Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring at Biris Jewelers near Canton Ohio

A general rule when looking at engagement rings for sale is that you should pay close attention to the four Cs: clarity, color, cut and carat. These four characteristics will help you find the most elegant, high-quality ring for your soon-to-be betrothed. Unfortunately, many jewelry stores around your Akron, Alliance, or Massillon home may try to put the greatest emphasis on carat size, pushing you to spend more on a ring that may not fit your intended or your budget. Biris Jewelers, on the other hand, focuses on your specific wants and needs. Regardless of your budget or your significant other’s style, the engagement ring experts at this Canton area shop will help you find the perfect modern or antique engagement ring to use when you propose. With their assistance, not only can you be sure that your loved one will adore her ring, but that you will get the greatest value possible.


Custom Diamond Ring at Biris Jewelers near Canton Ohio
Custom Diamond Ring at Biris Jewelers near Canton Ohio

Before you get overwhelmed by sheer amount of engagement rings for sale at jewelry stores near your Akron, Ohio; Alliance, Ohio; or Massillon, Ohio home, take the time to do a little research. When you have a better idea as to what kind of diamond ring you’d like to purchase for your loved one, make sure to take the trip to Biris Jewelers near Canton, Ohio. Not only will jewelry shopping at this local establishment provide you with the best selection of modern and antique engagement rings in the area, but their engagement ring experts would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Biris Jewelers near Canton Ohio
Biris Jewelers near Canton Ohio

Wedding Season – Time to think about bridal sets

Smiling Bride and Groom Embrace with Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

With another wedding season right around the corner, now is the time to think about getting matching bridal sets to symbolize the bond of love.

After purchasing an engagement ring, and with the wedding planning in full swing, time will be at a premium. But don’t overlook this special moment for you and your special someone to take time together and pick out the perfect wedding bands.

Serving the Canton area since 1940, Biris Jewelers can help you find exactly what you are looking for and provide the jewelry expertise you desire, helping to create the perfect match to enhance your engagement ring.

To help give you some ideas please check out these bridal sets or these wedding bands.

Then come to Biris Jewelers and we will make sure that you receive personalized service right when you make your purchase. We are here to help.

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