Art Deco Jewelry at Biris Jewelers in Canton

Art Deco, A Vibrant Style Born From History

Art Deco Jewelry Biris Jewelers in Canton Ohio
Fancy dress costume, 1919 Leon Bakst Metropolitan Museum of Art

Since 1940, Biris Jewelers has been passionate for Art Deco, the decorative style of the 1920s to the 1930s. The style first got its start with a Russian artist named Leon Bakst, who changed the art world forever.

By displaying brilliant new colors in scenery pieces and costumes he had created for the Russian ballet company’s debut in 1910. By the early 1920s, people had fallen in love with these extraordinary colors. Such as emerald greens, ruby reds, and deep blues. Many artists at the time became influenced by modern art movements like cubism. Or the remarkable discovery of artifacts found in King Tut’s tomb. These artists broke from the traditional styles of the past. As one would expect, these new ideas of theirs were incorporated into all fields of fashion and design. Paving the way for the Art Deco Style.

Stunning Art Deco Jewelry

Ruby and Diamond Ring Set in 18k Yellow Gold
Ruby and Diamond Ring Set in 18k Yellow Gold

The experts at Biris Jewelers of Canton have long admired these exquisite pieces left behind by these exceptional artists. Over the years, Biris has collected a beautiful selection of Art Deco jewelry pieces that are sure to inspire. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or even a gift for yourself, check out our gallery. What a treasure it would be to own a dazzling Art Deco piece that has been greatly shaped by history.

Stop In And See The Difference

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell Art Deco jewelry in Canton, stop by Biris Jewelers and let the local jewelry experts assist you with buying the most irreplaceable Art Deco pendants, rings, necklaces, and more. Looking for custom art deco style jewelry? Biris Jewelers offers custom design services. Visit us online at

Biris Jewelers near Canton Ohio
Biris Jewelers near Canton Ohio


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Biris Jewelers offers fine diamond jewelry near Canton, North Canton, Louisville, Alliance, Plain, Hartville, and surrounding areas.

Add Victorian Jewelry to Your Collection with Help from Biris Jewelers in Stark County, Ohio

Jewelry Stores in Canton OhioIf you’re a collector of rare jewelry, then you’re undoubtedly interested in how events throughout history helped to shape such antique pieces. Victorian-era accessories, for instance, were crafted with designs that reflected the life and reign of Queen Victoria. Characterized by ornate gold settings and exquisite gemstones, Victorian jewelry is some of the most sought-after jewelry still around today. Though Victorian bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings are uncommon in the Canton, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; and Massillon, Ohio areas, Biris Jewelers has become Stark County, Ohio’s primary source for such jewels, as well as the top authority on pieces from the Victorian period.

One of the main reasons why so many collectors and jewelry enthusiasts have a penchant for Victorian-era accessories is that Queen Victoria had such a large impact on the styles of the time. During her 60+ year reign, this famous monarch was used as a sort of template for the Victorian jewelry made from 1837-1901. Not only was this period of fashion named for her, but the antique pieces you see at Biris Jewelers represent the queen’s feelings at the time they were manufactured. For example, Victorian rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings made from 1837-1861 were often made with such designs as bows, hearts, flowers, birds, and other pretty, uplifting motifs as the queen and Prince Albert were in love and very content during this time. If you notice such themed jewelry within Biris Jewelers’ inventory, chances are that the piece was made in the beginning of Queen Victoria’s reign.

Victorian Engagement RingAfter Prince Albert’s passing, the queen went into mourning. Victorian jewelry made from 1861-1880 then became much darker than it was previously. Black jewelry was common during this time as jewelers used fossilized coal, black enamel, and black onyx to craft their pieces. Most designs were inspired by ancient and Renaissance art, reflecting the sadness and melancholy that the queen was feeling after her husband’s death. Mourning brooches, bracelets, and cameos were popular during this time, and some can still be found by visiting Biris Jewelers’ establishment in Stark County.

Queen Victoria eventually emerged from her mourning and once again changed the style of Victorian-era accessories from 1880-1901. As the queen’s mood became lighter, so did the Victorian rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings made during this time. Rare jewelry from the late Victorian period usually features whimsical themes such as stars, dragons, griffins, and moons. These antique pieces also display a heavy Japanese influence. As gold was less expensive during this time, most of the jewelry you’ll find today features ornate gold settings. When you take the trip from your Canton, Akron, or Massillon home to Biris Jewelers, you’ll notice that their selection of Victorian jewelry includes a lot of gold.

Victorian Cameo BroochAs Victorian-era accessories are considered to be fairly rare jewelry around the Stark County, Ohio area, it’s nice to know that Biris Jewelers has such a wide assortment available. Not only can this local jewelry store provide you with a number of different Victorian rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, but the associates can also give you additional information about the antique pieces made during this period. To learn more about what they have available, visit their website at or give them a call at 330.494.8182. If you’d prefer to see their selection of Victorian jewelry in person, take the quick trip from your Canton, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; or Massillon, Ohio home to Biris Jewelers.

Biris Jewelers
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Fine Diamond Jewelry and Summer Fun In Canton, Ohio

American Football Close up on Field with yard lines in the distance

With the peak of summer upon us and talks of back to school just beginning, Canton is prime for a spectacular celebration. The Canton Profootball Hall of Fame Festivities abound with fashion shows, hot air balloons, parades, concerts, fireworks, and good food. Football fans unite in Canton to pay homage to the newest members of the Canton Profootball Hall of Fame and returning Hall of Fame legends.

profootball hall of fame festival logoThis year the Canton Profootball Hall of Fame festival has made several changes that are sure to please football fans and visitors to the Canton area. Numerous activities will be spread further apart extending the celebration and will run from May through September. It will include the addition of the Canton Kickoff Celebration in Downtown Canton and the Canton Profootball Hall of Fame Gold Jacket 5K National Championship.


Stark county fair logo

Canton is also home of the Stark County Fair in September, with its amusement park rides, an assortment of farm animals that are sure to please the little ones, 4-H competitions, Harness Racing, Horse Shows, Demolition Derby, High School Band Concerts, Pavilion Concerts, and much more.


Gervasi Vineyard Cruise-In LogoAnother prize gem in Canton, Ohio is the Gervasi Vineyard. They offer the finest in wines and food, while patrons enjoy the spectacular views and hospitality. Canton’s Gervasi Vineyard is hosting a Cruise-In celebration now through September that offers fun for the whole family. You can showcase your automobile or stroll among the cars while enjoying prizes, drawings, and the free admission.

Biris Jewelers near Canton Ohio
Biris Jewelers near Canton Ohio

With so much to offer, Biris Jewelers has truly enjoyed being a part of the Canton community for over 75 years. Biris Jewelers offers the finest in diamond jewelry just a short drive from the Canton Football Hall of Fame. Stop by and checkout our unique showcase diamond earrings, pendants, and rings.

Biris Jewelers also carries a wide assortment of unique and stylish antique and custom jewelry. The jewelry experts at Biris Jewelers will take the time to answer your diamond jewelry questions and offer you the best qualified guidance in the Canton area.

We hope you have a fun and safe summer as you take in all the activities that Canton has to offer; and look forward to seeing you soon.

Biris Jewelers offers fine diamond jewelry near Canton, North Canton, Louisville, Alliance, Plain, Hartville and surrounding areas.
Biris Jewelers offers fine diamond jewelry near Canton, North Canton, Louisville, Alliance, Plain, Hartville and surrounding areas.



Find Ornate Georgian Jewelry at Biris Jewelers in North Canton, Ohio

Ornate Georgian Jewelry for sale CantonAs both a modern and antique jewelry store, Biris Jewelers has a wide assortment of fine jewelry available to walk-in customers and collectors alike. However, some of the most unique and hard-to-find treasures they offer are their Georgian rings, necklaces, brooches and bracelets. Since Georgian-era accessories are particularly difficult to locate, especially around the Canton, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio areas, the fact that this Stark County, Ohio establishment has such a beautiful selection is quite impressive. Whether you’re a collector of antique jewelry or you’re simply looking for something truly special for your loved one, paying a visit to Biris Jewelers in North Canton, Ohio will allow you to peruse a wide array of Georgian jewelry.

The Georgian era is roughly defined as the period between 1714 and 1837. Named for Kings George I, II and III, this period of history was one in which jewelry was very ornate and extravagant. While diamonds were prevalent during this time, other gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires became popular toward the mid-1700s. As this period was considerably long, there wasn’t one style of Georgian jewelry that dominated fashion. In fact, Georgian-era accessories were crafted in a variety of different designs from flowing lines and light colors, to sharp edges and primarily silver tones. However, it’s the diversity of Georgian jewelry that makes it such an interesting period of fashion history.

Ornate Georgian Jewelry for sale Canton, OhioSince the Georgian period was such a long time ago, most pieces made during this time were lost, damaged or put on display. It’s extremely difficult to find these pieces without having to contact a collector who specializes in Georgian-era accessories. Fortunately for those looking for Georgian rings, necklaces, brooches or bracelets, Biris Jewelers in North Canton just happens to have such fine jewelry in their shop. As a modern and antique jewelry store, this Stark County establishment goes above and beyond to provide the most exquisite and rare jewelry to their customers. While Georgian jewelry may not be available at your Canton or Massillon jeweler, Biris Jewelers is sure to have some of these lovely accessories in their display case.

Not only can you feel confident that Biris Jewelers will have the perfect Georgian ring, necklace, brooch or bracelet to either give as a gift or add to your collection, but that they will offer the best pricing possible. As a family-owned modern and antique jewelry store, Biris Jewelers strives to meet each customer’s needs and budget. So, if you’re looking for opulent Georgian-era accessories, Biris Jewelers’ selection of fine jewelry will exceed your expectations.

Ornate Georgian Antique Diamond RingAs Biris Jewelers’ staff members are experts in fine jewelry, they’re more than qualified to answer any questions you may have about Georgian-era accessories. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for on their website at, then simply give this Stark County, Ohio modern and antique jewelry store a call at 330.494.8182. However, if you’d like to peruse their inventory of Georgian rings, necklaces, brooches and bracelets in person, take the quick trip from your Canton, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio home to Biris Jewelers. Their associates would be happy to direct you to their Georgian jewelry and help you find whatever piece you may be looking for.

Biris Jewelers
806 S Main St
North Canton, Ohio 44720
Ph: 330.494.8182

Learn about the History of Art Nouveau Jewelry from the Staff at Biris Jewelers in Stark County, Ohio

Top 10 Jewelry Stores in CantonArt Nouveau jewelry has a rich history dating back to the late 1800s. Featuring ornate settings and nature-based designs, these period pieces were crafted by such highly-respected names as Tiffany, Galle’, Rene’ Lalique, Faberge and Boucheron. Today, such colorful and elegant jewelry is in high demand, particularly by those who appreciate vintage rings, necklaces and earrings. Fortunately for those around the Massillon, Ohio; Canton, Ohio; and Alliance, Ohio areas, Biris Jewelers not only carries a wide selection of Art Nouveau pieces, but the staff members at this local jeweler are extremely knowledgeable about the jewelry that was popular from 1885-1915. By paying this Stark County, Ohio establishment a visit, you’ll have the opportunity to peruse their impressive inventory and discuss these eye-catching accessories.

Top 10 places to buy jewelry in CantonIf you happen to be a fashion-savvy individual with a penchant for period pieces, then the Art Nouveau jewelry from Biris Jewelers will suit you perfectly. Though the Art Nouveau era was relatively brief compared to other periods, it had a major impact on the art of jewelry design. Even today, some lines borrow from the Art Nouveau form as it allows for more distinctive and attractive pieces. Frequently incorporating plant and animal shapes as well as the female form, such colorful jewelry is extremely unique in appearance. With gentle curves and unusual shapes of butterflies, bats, irises, lilies, dragonflies and more, the creation of Art Nouveau pieces was considered an art form.

Jewelry store top 10 in CantonThe vintage rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches and bracelets available at Biris Jewelers represent the very best of Art Nouveau jewelry. Traveling across the country in order to bring such period pieces to their Stark County shop, this local jeweler has assembled an awe-inspiring collection of colorful jewelry with beautiful gems. Materials commonly used during the Art Nouveau period such as opal, amber, amethyst, peridot and pearl are highlighted in tasteful pieces that any antique jewelry lover can appreciate. And since this local jeweler employs some of the most knowledgeable jewelry experts around the Canton, Massillon and Alliance areas, visitors to Biris Jewelers have the chance to learn more about the period and how jewelry-makers found the inspiration to create such gorgeous accessories.

Top 10 stores that sell jewelry in CantonWhile there is additional information about Art Nouveau jewelry on Biris Jewelers’ website, it’s best to pay this local jeweler a visit in order to get the full effect. By taking the short trip from your Canton, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio; or Alliance, Ohio home to Biris Jewelers’ establishment, you’ll be able to view their colorful jewelry up close and select the vintage rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches or bracelets that best fit your personal style. Plus, you’ll be able to chat with the associates at this Stark County, Ohio jeweler about their period pieces and the fascinating history behind them.

Biris Jewelers
806 S Main St
North Canton, Ohio
Ph: 330.494.8182

Learn about the Four Cs of Diamond Jewelry from Biris Jewelers near Green, Ohio

Best Jewelry Stores Canton OhioWhen shopping for any kind of diamond jewelry, whether it be a diamond ring or diamond necklace, it’s important that you know exactly what to look for in order to leave with a high-quality diamond. The four Cs—cut, clarity, color, and carat weight—are what the experts use to determine the value of a gem. When you take the trip to a diamond store near your Tallmadge, Ohio or Wadsworth, Ohio home, you’ll find that it’s easy to fall prey to sales associates who don’t have your best interests at heart. Oftentimes such individuals will either try to sell you low-quality diamonds and claim they’re the best available, or push you to purchase gems that are far above your price range. Luckily, this isn’t the case with Biris Jewelers. Not only does this Green, Ohio area jeweler carry a wide selection of certified diamonds, but they provide their customers with the information they need to choose the perfect diamond accessories for their loved ones.

As part of a business that first opened its doors in 1940, the staff members at Biris Jewelers are very knowledgeable when it comes to diamond jewelry. And instead of keeping that knowledge to themselves, they share it with the people who come to their store looking for high-quality diamonds! This local diamond store near Green offers a wide variety of antique and modern jewelry. Wanting to pair each piece with the perfect owner, they go out of their way to assist those looking for diamond rings, necklaces, and more. And that includes educating them about the four Cs of diamond grading.

The first of the four Cs that Biris Jewelers will tell you about is the cut. This characteristic refers to the gem’s reflective qualities. A high-quality diamond gets its brilliance from a good cut. With the right proportions, light will reflect down and through the gem back up to the observer’s eyes.  If you’re shopping for diamond jewelry, it’s best to stick to gems that have a grade of “Good,” “Very Good,” “Premium,” or “Ideal” rather than “Fair” or “Poor.”

Best store to buy platinum diamond braceletsThe second of the four Cs is clarity. This characteristic refers to the flaws present on and within the stone. Diamonds are graded for clarity using intense magnification, and range from F (Flawless) to I3 (Included 3). While the former is the very best type of diamond you can purchase, the latter possesses distinct blemishes and inclusions.

The third characteristic of diamond grading is color. This refers to the presence of color in a white stone. Diamonds without any color are the most desirable because they allow more light to pass through them, increasing the amount of sparkle they give off. The highest rating a diamond can receive is D, while the lowest is Z. Though diamonds with a grade of D or F are extremely rare and highly coveted, those with a grade of G through I have little to no color visibility.

Finally, one of the most well-known of the four Cs is carat weight. Most people assume that if a diamond has a large number of carats, it’s considered to be a high-quality diamond. Since large diamonds are rare, this is true in a sense. However, it’s important that you don’t disregard the other Cs for size when shopping for certified diamonds.

Using the four Cs, you’ll be able to find the perfect diamond ring or necklace for your significant other at Biris Jewelers. And by taking the trip from your Tallmadge or Wadsworth home to this local diamond store, you can be sure that their staff members will provide any additional help you may need as you peruse their selection of certified diamonds.

Best jewelry store in Canton Ohio areaIf you’re interested in the diamond rings, necklaces, and other accessories available at Biris Jewelers, visit their website at If you have any questions about the high-quality diamonds they offer, feel free to give this Green, Ohio area diamond store a call at 330.494.8182. However, if you’d like to enlist their help to find the ideal diamond jewelry for your loved one, make sure to take the short trip from your Wadsworth, Ohio or Tallmadge, Ohio home to Biris Jewelers. They would be more than happy to show you around their inventory of certified diamonds.

Biris Jewelers
806 S Main St
North Canton, Ohio 44720
Ph: 330.494.8182

Visit Biris Jewelers near Canal Fulton, Ohio to Purchase Diamond Jewelry and Discuss Famous Diamonds

Canton Local Jewelry StoreWhen you visit a jewelry store near your Akron, Ohio or Uniontown, Ohio home, you’ll undoubtedly be greeted by a pleasant sales associate who will proceed to describe each of their jewelry lines in great detail. But how deep does their knowledge of diamond jewelry go? Are they familiar with famous diamonds, or have they simply been trained on the pieces their store has available? Whether you’re buying a diamond necklace, bracelet, earrings, or ring, you want to be sure that the professional jeweler you visit has a significant amount of knowledge and experience in their field. So, if you want to speak to someone who is well versed in both modern and antique accessories, a trip to Biris Jewelers near Canal Fulton, Ohio is your best bet.

Marquise Diamonds Canton OhioAs a family-owned business that first opened its doors in 1940, it’s no surprise to learn that Biris Jewelers is one of the most popular sellers of diamond jewelry in the greater Canal Fulton area. Each of the associates at this local establishment has been educated on how to identify the time period in which a piece of jewelry was made, as well as grade a gem based on cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Though Biris Jewelers has a number of new and modern accessories available in their shop, they specialize in antique and estate jewelry. With that being said, this professional jeweler is quite capable of carrying on conversations about famous diamonds, like the Hope Diamond, for example.

Local Jewelry Store Edwardian Sapphire NecklaceTake a trip to a regular jewelry store near your Akron or Uniontown home and chances are that the associates there will only have a general idea of what this famous diamond is, and how it came to reside in the Smithsonian. However, when you pay a visit to Biris Jewelers in order to peruse their inventory of diamond necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with their staff about this exceptional gem.

Since the Hope Diamond is one of the most exquisite and well-known gems in the world, many people love to hear about its history. And Biris Jewelers’ staff is more than happy to offer their knowledge on the subject!

Though most people think of the Hope Diamond as it is now, it started off as a much, much larger gem. In 1668, French merchant traveler Jean Baptiste Tavernier sold a 112 3/16-carat diamond in a beautiful violet shade to King Louis XIV of France. After being re-cut in 1673 by a court jeweler, the “French Blue” was reduced to a 67 1/8-carat stone that the king wore on a ribbon around his neck for special occasions. However, when the king and Marie Antoinette tried to flee France in 1791, the crown jewels—including “French Blue”—were turned over to the government. The next year, the gem was stolen.

In 1812, the gem showed up again in the possession of local diamond merchant named Daniel Eliason. Then in 1839, the diamond showed up in the gem collection catalog of Henry Philip Hope, the man from whom the famous diamond takes its name.

Hope Diamond - buy or sell locally

Ask the staff members at Biris Jewelers and they’ll tell you that the Hope Diamond passed from owner to owner until it was purchased by a wealthy American socialite named Mrs. Evalyn Walsh McLean in 1911. It was during her ownership that the Hope Diamond was transformed from a headpiece to a pendant. After being purchased from Mrs. McLean’s estate in 1949 by Harry Winston Inc. of New York City, the Hope Diamond was shown in exhibits throughout the world. Eventually the company donated the diamond necklace to the Smithsonian Institute, where it has only left the museum a handful of times since 1958.

Kurt Wayne Diamond Ring - buy locally in CantonThough they may not have this famous diamond in their possession, Biris Jewelers has a wide selection of dazzling diamond necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings at their jewelry store near Canal Fulton, Ohio. So, if you’d like to learn more about the Hope Diamond, and their own inventory of diamond jewelry, take the trip from your Akron, Ohio or Uniontown, Ohio home to this professional jeweler. You’ll be glad you did!

Biris Jewelers
806 S Main St
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Fine Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend at Biris Jewelers near Louisville, Ohio

Biris Jewelers offers fine diamond jewelry near Canton, North Canton, Louisville, Alliance, Plain, Hartville and surrounding areas.
Biris Jewelers offers fine diamond jewelry near Canton, North Canton, Louisville, Alliance, Plain, Hartville and surrounding areas.

Locating the perfect present for your significant other isn’t easy, especially if you’re in the market for a jewelry gift. With so many jewelry stores around the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and Barberton, Ohio areas, you’ve probably seen more than your fair share of diamond necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets already. But what if none of the fine diamonds you see really capture your attention? If that’s the case, then your significant other probably won’t be impressed either… Fortunately for you, Biris Jewelers not only carries a wide assortment of antique accessories from some of the most popular periods in fashion history, but this local establishment near Louisville, Ohio offers custom diamond jewelry as well!

Ask anyone who’s ever purchased a jewelry gift for their significant other and they’ll tell you that it’s no simple task. When you decide to buy a diamond necklace, bracelet, ring, or set of earrings for your loved one, you want it to be as unique and special as she is. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Though there are some beautifully crafted fine diamonds available today, chances are you won’t find what you’re looking for at just any jewelry store near your Cuyahoga Falls or Barberton home. Most of these establishments carry modern accessories from the same popular designers, making it difficult to find anything one of a kind. Since your significant other is anything but ordinary, the last thing you want to do is present her with a boring present. However, if you opt to visit Biris Jewelers near Louisville, you’re more likely to find exactly what you’re looking for!

As Biris Jewelers specializes in antique and estate jewelry, a trip to this local jewelry store will allow you to peruse a wide assortment of pieces from the Art Deco, Victorian, Georgian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, and Retro Modern periods. Since these diamond necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets are vintage, they’re more unique than what you see at the traditional jewelry store. However, if you want to give your loved one something truly original, you’ll be pleased to learn that in addition to their antique accessories, Biris Jewelers also offers custom diamond jewelry.

By taking the short trip from your Barberton, Ohio or Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio home to Biris Jewelers, you can browse their inventory of settings, fine diamonds, and other gems so you can determine which items would best complement each other to form an unforgettable jewelry gift! If you’re wary of creating a diamond necklace, ring, bracelet, or set of earrings for your loved one, rest assured that the experienced associates at this Louisville, Ohio area jewelry store would be happy to offer their assistance. If you’d like to learn more about custom diamond jewelry from Biris Jewelers, visit their website at or give them a call at 330.494.8182.
Biris Jewelers
806 S Main St
North Canton, Ohio 44720
Ph: 330.494.8182 

Our Town North Canton: Biris Jewelers Is A Family Tradition

Biris Jewelers is family tradition providing quality for North Canton residents

Biris Jewelers offers fine diamond jewelry near North Canton, Canton, Hartville, Green, and surrounding area.
Biris Jewelers offers fine diamond jewelry near North Canton, Canton, Hartville, Green, and surrounding area.

By CR Rae
Staff Writer

It is that time of year to honor moms and let them know how much you love them. Trying to find the right gift can sometimes be difficult. Do you buy flowers? No, you did that last year. How about a spa treatment? No, that was at Christmas.

The answer may lie in a visit to Biris Jewelers where you can find an extra special, one-of-a-kind gift for mom. The store, located at 806 S. Main St., is not the standard or chain jewelry store. They do offer primarily new jewelry in a variety of unique styles, but also have a passion for antique to contemporary, diamond engagement rings to custom made pieces.

Biris Jewelers is owned and operated by the brother and sister team of John and Judy Biris. Judy said it is a place for customers of all ages to find a special gift at a comfortable price point. They have great advice when it comes to engagement rings and stress quality over size. Customers will also find signed pieces in the store from Tiffany, Cartier and more.

The family owned business was first founded in 1940 and located in the First Federal Building in Canton. Jack Biris, grandfather to Judy and John, was the founder and eventually the business went to their parents, Gus and Kathleen Biris. Then John and Judy took over to continue the tradition and service to the community. Although John and Judy are owners of the store they often have to answer to the supervisor––Hugo, their French Mastiff.

The business moved to North Canton in 1973. The goal of the family has been to provide the highest quality jewelry and impeccable personal service while creating relationships that have lasted for generations.

Judy and John grew up in the business working beside their parents since they were little. “We always worked in the store, but after college we worked full time in the store. John graduated with a degree in finance and Judy a general studies degree.

“Every weekend we would travel as a family on buying trips,” said Judy. “We would sit down and discuss what my dad bought; why; for what price; and the history on the piece. My grandfather did the same thing with my dad. We went all over the states and traveled to Europe. We would go to flea markets, antique shops, and museums. We gained a lot of history and knowledge.” She added the best learning experience is “hands on.”

Both John and Judy are diamond grade certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Judy explained the difference between estate and antique jewelry––estate simply means pre-owned and antique has to be at least 75 to 100 years old.
Repairs and appraisals services are offered at the store as well.

John likes the collecting part of the business. The co-owners continue their travels searching for items that best fit the Biris name. They spend time in California, Italy, France, New York and other places to find those special pieces.

Customer service is a priority and they value the loyalty of customers over the years. The Biris family has been offering the finest selection of diamonds and unique one-of-a-kind pieces since the beginning in 1940. They remain loyal to their customers by striving to reach new levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Neighborhood News: Nobles Pond Sponsor Spotlight on Biris Jewelers

Biris Jewelers near Canton Ohio
Biris Jewelers near Canton Ohio

NeighborhoodNews: Nobles Pond

Sponsor Spotlight

Biris Jewelers

By: Meghan Stetzik

Simply stepping onto the beautiful Persian rugs in the doorway and looking around at the wide variety of stones and styles on display, it’s easy to see why Biris Jewelers stands out. This is not your average jewelery store.

Judy Biris and her brother, John, co-own the business, and together they have created a place for customers of all ages and incomes to find unique and meaningful pieces of jewelry for every situation.

“We don’t carry the exact same thing every other store carries,” Judy explained. “We offer a wide variety if distinctive pieces to suit the needs of each customer.”

Victorian Diamond Engagement Ring Collection available at Biris Jewelers near Canton, Ohio
Victorian Diamond Engagement Ring Collection available at Biris Jewelers near Canton, Ohio

Biris Jewelers offers many signed pieces by designers such as Cartier, Tiffany and Bulgari, and also provides custom pieces upon request. Most of the store’s custom jewelry comes from Beverly Hills, Calif., Judy said, and she and John travel year-round to locations such as France, Italy, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Vegas to find the best pieces to offer their customers.

“We are a specialized business,” John said.

When the pair finds a piece they think will be particularly successful at a store in a different area, or see a piece in a store they’d like to take back to their own shop, they broker a deal.

“When you get to know people, you get to  know what their stores like better,” John explained.

This summer, for example, the Biris’s had a big surprise when they saw a tiara they had sold to a firm in Beverly Hills turn up on an episode of the TV show Rich Girls in Beverly Hills.

Diamond Jewelry Tiara Biris Jewelers
Example diamond tiara jewelry sold at Biris Jewelers near Canton, Ohio

“It’s fun to see what different areas like,” Judy said. “There’s no call for a tiara here!”

While their focus is predominately on new jewelry, John and Judy also specialize in antique and estate jewelry – a niche that draws many customers for its unique design and history. In addition to selling and buying jewelry, the Biris’s also offer jewelry appraisals, and clean and check pieces at no charge.

John and Judy come from a family of jewelers, and have over seven decades of expertise running in their blood. Their grandfather, Jack Biris, started the first jewelry store in 1940, and their parents, Gus and Kathleen, have been with the business since 1959. Both John and Judy have fond memories of hanging out at the shop when they were young.

“As kids, we worked in the store on the weekends, and traveled a lot as a family looking for jewelry,” Judy recalled.

John majored in finance at Kent State University, and Judy attended the University of Miami in Ohio and finished her major in general studies at Kent State University. After graduating, the pair decided to return to the family business and run it together – a decision that has proved rewarding and exciting. John and Judy opened a second location in 1984 but decided to consolidate the two stores in 1999, and they have been growing their business on South Main Street ever since. Both John and Judy have a diamond grading certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Beautiful heart shape diamond necklace at Biris Jewelers near Canton, Ohio
Beautiful heart shape diamond necklace at Biris Jewelers near Canton, Ohio

John said their favorite part of being jewelers is collecting. They also take customer service very seriously, and are committed to helping their shoppers find exactly the right item at a price that fits their budget.

As far as rings, particularly engagement rings, are concerned, Judy has some advice.

“We try to stress quality over size,” she said. “You’re always better off going for quality and finding a happy medium, instead of just going lower-end for the lower price.”

victorian-diamond-engagement-rings-thWhether a customer is looking for an exquisite Cartier diamond love bracelet or a simple silver band, Biris Jewelers is committed to matching each buyer’s price point. In addition to what’s on display, there are also catalogues available in the store with more pieces and styles, in order to accommodate everyone’s personal taste.

The Biris’s work under the constant supervision of their French Mastiff, Hugo, and more information about their store can be found at, and at

Beloved pet Hugo at Biris Jewelers near Canton, Ohio
Beloved pet Hugo at Biris Jewelers near Canton, Ohio