Pick the Perfect Holiday Gift for that Special Someone

The holiday season is approaching quickly and it’s time to start shopping for that special someone in your life. Whether you’re planning for a holiday engagement or just searching for something simple that says “I love you,” jewelry always makes for the perfect holiday gift. 

From diamond engagement rings to unique vintage jewelry pieces and everything in between, Biris Jewelers can assist you in picking a holiday gift that will make your loved one’s face light up every time they wear it. Here are a few tips from Biris Jewelers on how to pick the right present for the one you love this holiday season:

Personal Jewelry Gift Box

Personal Style is Key

Think about your special someone’s taste and personal style. Do they like classic, timeless pieces? Or do they like to express themselves with bold, unique styles? If you’re shopping for engagement rings, you could create a custom engagement ring and wedding band set with Biris Jewelers or shop from our collection of vintage engagement rings.

Consider Jewelry as an Investment

Consider the Investment

High-quality jewelry is meant to last a lifetime or longer. When selecting a piece of fine jewelry for your holiday gift, make sure that you are getting the highest quality piece for your price range and lifestyle. If you’re buying a diamond, be sure to consider the 4 C’s; you can read more about that here

Customize Jewelry

Customize It

Biris Jewelers can work with you to create a custom piece of jewelry so that the gift you give is truly one of a kind. However, even if you purchase a vintage or pre-made piece from Biris, you can still find creative ways to give your gift a personal touch. Write your loved one a heartfelt note to accompany their new piece of fine jewelry, or put a special touch on your gift by wrapping it with care.

When in Doubt, Give Biris Jewelers a Call

If you’re still having trouble selecting a holiday gift, give Biris Jewelers a call or come into our Canton, Ohio store. We are more than happy to help you pick the perfect gift for your style and budget.