How to Sell Your High-End Jewelry, Diamonds and Gold

selling jewelry at biris jewelers

If you have old or unworn jewelry you’re looking to sell, it can be hard to know where to start. Where do you go to sell your jewelry? What is it worth? How do you know you’re getting a fair price? Here are five things to consider when selling your jewelry. 1. Work With A…

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Biris Jewelers – your experts for diamond buying

Where to sell diamonds and jewelry in Canton

Do you have jewelry sitting untouched in a box or a dresser drawer? Maybe it’s not your style, or it no longer holds sentimental value for you. No matter the reason, if you are looking to part with your jewelry, you can trust Biris Jewelers when it comes to diamond buying and buying jewelry. A…

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Where To Sell Your Diamond Jewelry

How We Acquire Our Fine Diamonds in Canton Our goal at Biris Jewelers has always been to provide the highest quality jewelry and impeccable personal service to our clients and guests. The best way to achieve this goal is with our inventory of diamonds and how we obtain them. First, we start by purchasing our…

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