Sell Your Old Diamonds and More at Biris Jewelers in North Canton, Ohio

Sell Your Old Diamonds in CantonWe all have accessories and décor lying around that we no longer have use for. In fact, there are probably dozens of old pieces tucked away in the basement, attic, and closets of your Akron, Ohio or Canton, Ohio home. Rather than allowing these items to continue taking up space in your house, why not sell your diamond, gold, and platinum possessions to a local retailer that specializes in jewelry resale? Though Biris Jewelers is known for providing customers with a wide assortment of beautiful accessories, this North Canton, Ohio establishment gives people the opportunity to trade in some of their items as well. Whether you have an antique Rolex watch tucked away in your jewelry box, a set of sterling silver flatware collecting dust in your basement, or a silver/platinum tea set taking up room in your China cabinet, Biris Jewelers may have the perfect solution.

Sell Your Old Diamonds Rings in CantonDespite the fact that you may eventually miss the items you intend to sell, you can have peace of mind knowing that Biris Jewelers will make sure they’re given a new home. Instead of just sitting around in your Akron or Canton home, out of sight, the items you take to Biris Jewelers’ shop in North Canton will be put on display for other customers to see. What’s old for you is brand new to many others! Though you may not have any use for an old Rolex watch, case of sterling silver flatware, or silver/platinum tea set, you can feel confident that someone else will. Not only does this help you to de-clutter your home, but it’s a way of going “green” and helping out the environment as well.

gents stainless rolex submarinerWhen you decide to sell your diamonds and other unwanted possessions, not only will you be recycling your old treasures, but getting a fair share of money in return. Since Biris Jewelers specializes in antique and rare jewelry, they’re more qualified to put a price on an object than the “professionals” at your local pawn shop. By taking advantage of Birisjewelry resale service, you can look forward to getting rid of your Rolex watch, sterling silver flatware, or platinum/silver tea set and receiving a little extra pocket change in return!

Sell Your Old Diamonds Jewelry in CantonSince Biris Jewelers runs their jewelry resale service all year-round, you can sell your old diamonds and other accessories whenever you want. However, if you’re in the process of moving or just organizing your home, now is as good a time as any to pay this local establishment a visit. Take the Rolex watch, sterling silver flatware, or platinum/silver tea set out of your Akron, Ohio or Canton, Ohio home and see the enjoyment other people get from your unwanted possessions. Chances are that those pieces will be picked up in a matter of weeks, if not days!

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Sell Precious Metal Jewelry & Goods in a Professional Setting at Biris Jewelers in North Canton, Ohio

Precious Metal Jewelry Canton OhioPrecious metal jewelry and goods have long been treasured possessions. Known to warrant admiration and retain monetary value, items made of platinum, silver or gold are always in demand. As an owner of precious pieces, this demand gives you options should you choose to sell. Surely you’ve seen storefronts from Akron, Ohio to Canton, Ohio and beyond with blatant signs of buying interest. But there is no need to settle for a sidewalk sale when you can choose Biris Jewelers in North Canton, Ohio. A staple since the 1940s, this is not only the best place to sell gold jewelry. Biris also receives precious metal goods should you care to sell tea sets or flatware made of platinum, silver or gold.

Precious Metal Jewelry WatchesBiris Jewelers is a place where heirlooms are appreciated. It is, after all, a family-owned business with a legacy and tradition of its own. Paramount to each is a respect for craftsmanship that is instilled into each associate on staff. All are trained to identify the characteristics that date precious metal jewelry as well as the cut, color, clarity and carat weight that determine gem stone grades. This knowledge combines with the family focus and history of Biris Jewelers to create an appropriate sales environment for people looking to let go of precious pieces.

Perhaps you are holding platinum or gold jewelry that has lost the sentimental value it once had. This can happen with rings and other precious metal jewelry from let’s say, previous versions of our lives. Well, a visit to Biris Jewelers in North Canton could prove to be both profitable and therapeutic for you. As it can should you wish to sell tea sets or flatware that you believe should be enjoyed as opposed as never used. Because at Biris Jewelers, the items you choose to sell will undoubtedly go on to bring joy to an admirer of precious pieces who is looking to make their own memories.

Precious Metal Oval Diamond RingSome may say being able to have an informed conversation about your items helps make Biris Jewelers more than the best place to sell gold jewelry. The educated associates often tell customers from places like Akron and Canton surprising details they didn’t know about their possessions. This can be interesting for those seeking to sell tea sets passed down through several generations. It can also be enjoyable and equally enlightening for those selling precious metal jewelry they received as gifts.

In any case, a profitable and memorable experience awaits you at Biris Jewelers. Your search for the best place to sell gold jewelry or precious metal goods can end at the ideal place to bid adieu to your unwanted yet still valuable possessions. To learn more about this reputable establishment, go to To sell tea sets or precious metal jewelry in a pleasant and professional setting, stop by the store today. It’s conveniently located near Akron, Ohio; Canton, Ohio; and surrounding areas. For directions or questions, please feel free to call 330.494.8182.

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